Actors Pro Expo

Client: eStage
eStage group approached CM Production Management looking for a creative way to showcase their company at this years Actors Pro Expo which was taking place in a slightly different format due to the Covid 19 Pandemic. During 2020 Actors Pro Expo hosted two virtual events! Giving attendees the chance to network with each other and connect with service providers that offer resources to develop a career in the arts via one simple platform. The excitement and energy of walking into an event filled with learning and networking opportunities was captured and it was an engagement-driven experience. We provided Studio Space, Set Dressing and Camera Equipment for eStage to record their very own Promo video and Live Stream for the event! this was a big moment for eStage, launching a new not to be miss deal.
What We Provided
  • Production Management
  • Creative Concept
  • Equipment Hire
  • Technical Crew

Production Manager

Cameron Murray